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Summers and Smith Cooling & Heating Limited provides reliable and trusted Lennox furnace heating solutions across York Region.


Residential Heating Solutions By Lennox

We have a wide range of energy efficient Lennox® furnaces to choose from including the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection that has a 98% efficiency rating. Our superior Lennox furnaces use variable speed technology to help you save on your electricity bill while making sure your house and family are comfortable and warm.

Installed and serviced by full-time Summers and Smith employees, we also provide a Furnace and Air Conditioner Warranty Program.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP99V

The quietest and most efficient furnace you can buy!

  • 99% efficient
  • Up to 10X quieter than competitive models
  • Most Efficient ENERGY STAR® 2020
  • High-efficiency, variable-speed, variable-capacity gas furnace

Lennox Elite Series EL296V

Efficient, quiet comfort

  • 96% efficient
  • Uses ⅔ less energy than a standard motor
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • High-efficiency, two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace

Lennox Elite Series EL196E

Find comfort in being energy smart

  • 96% efficient
  • 33% greater efficiency than standard motors
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • High-efficiency, single-stage, constant-torque gas furnace

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To Keep Your HVAC Running Like It Should

Learn how to save on electricity bills with Lennox variable speed furnace technology

Lennox Furnace Installation
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Lennox Premier Dealer

Premium Extended Warranty Protection

Put your mind at ease with the best warranty in the GTA

S&S Premium Extended Warranty Protection is paired and matched with manufacturers’ parts warranty. Residential applications only. Coverage includes: service call fees, labour fees, and administration fees. For details and conditions of warranty coverage, please contact our installation department. Coverage is based upon completion of annual maintenance conducted by Summers and Smith. Extended warranty coverage is valid when in compliance with manufacturers’ warranty stipulations.

Our 14 Step Installation Process

14 Step Furnace Installation Process
1. Sales Process
Summers and Smith develops a detailed installation specification list. This drives the whole process forward.
2. Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
Summers and Smith employs a sheet metal shop to fabricate special fittings required to ensure optimum air flow in your system.
3. Furnace Venting
No order can be complete without a clear understanding of how the furnace is to vent safely.
4. Customer Service
We will install Monday to Friday on your terms, to fit your schedule.
5. Protection of your home
Specialized handling equipment, drop sheets, runners and foot booties ensure your home is well protected while we're there.
6. Installation Kit
Summers and Smith has developed unique installation kits so our installers have all the material on hand to complete the job efficiently.
7. Licensed Installers
Every Summers and Smith installer is fully qualified and trained. We never use sub contractors.
8. Garbage Removal
We take everything away with us.
9. Start up Sheet
The Summers and Smith installers perform a detailed testing documentation of the system for future service reference.
10. Customer Survey
For continuous improvement, we ask for your feedback.
11. Quality Audit
We verify that the work is done to our standards.
12. Administration
Summers and Smith takes care of the paperwork so homeowners can have the confidence that they will get the maximum rebates.
13. Warranty Registration
Summers and Smith registers all warranties on your behalf - no paperwork necessary from you.
14. Protection Plan
Summers and Smith has the best service maintenance program available to keep your equipment in the best possible condition.

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When Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

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Furnace Replacement

The following factors are the biggest things to consider when deliberating on the repair vs. replace debate. If you answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Furnaces live an average of 18–20 years, depending on if you had it professionally maintained or not. This is the biggest indicator that it’s time to replace your furnace.

How expensive does a furnace repair need to be before it’s not worth it? It depends on how old your furnace is and the cost to get a new furnace. A repair every once in awhile besides your annual maintenance is expected, especially as a furnace ages. However, if you are calling us every few months because your furnace isn’t working, throwing your money away.

Older furnaces have to work harder to produce heat, and as a result, your energy bills and repair costs steadily increase. If you’re noticing your energy bill gets a little higher with each passing year, but your home isn’t maintaining or increasing warmth, it might be time for a furnace replacement.

As a furnace gets older, it can become more and more inefficient until it loses the ability to distribute heat evenly throughout the house.

Furnaces can be kind of noisy, but if that noise gets louder over time, then you may want to consider a replacement.

An old furnace can still soldier on and provide heat, but it’s never going to be as good as it once was. That means that built-in features like filtration and any humidity control it had are slowly going to dwindle away, until it’s just blowing around hot, dry air that gives you a stuffy nose.

Furnace Repair

Give your furnace a little love with annual maintenance, and it will love you back by staying as efficient and problem-free as possible. But even the best furnace will need some repairs from time to time.

As your furnace ages, it depreciates in value — kind of like a car. And you don’t want to put thousands of dollars into a car if it’s not going to improve in value, just like you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a furnace repair when you could get a new one that works much better.

Keep your furnace in top shape and help prevent costly, unexpected repairs with the Summers and Smith Elite Program, which includes our Annual Preventative Maintenance Program.