Informative Articles & Tips about Heating & Cooling in Aurora, ON

For over 40 years residential and commercial clients have relied on Summers and Smith Cooling & Heating Ltd for expert heating and cooling services in Aurora and surrounding areas of Ontario. We believe that a knowledgeable consumer is more likely to make effective and cost efficient decisions when it comes time to repair or replace their system, which is why we created this blog. Be sure to check back often to view updates regarding your HVAC service and systems.

Fall is just around the corner and that means winter’s not far behind. Will you be prepared when the cold weather comes to Markham? Make sure your heating system is up to the task with this handy home heating checklist. Read More

It’s true. When outdoor temperatures soar, it’s possible to get heat stroke even while safely inside your home. Many people are unaware of the risks that sweltering summer conditions pose inside the home. Keep reading to learn more about indoor heat stroke and how you can avoid it. Read More